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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now EU law and will drive critical changes to the way UK organisations handle personal data. Data Compliant helps clients achieve data protection compliance and security.

Never before has there been such change, confusion and high risk over data protection. Those who trade in the EU will have to comply with GDPR. Those who do not must still comply with GDPR from May 2018 until we leave the EU. And any new UK data protection law will have to be equivalent to GDPR.


To stand a chance of managing your data protection compliance during this upheaval, it is essential that you understand and comply with current legislation right now. Let Data Compliant help you understand the vital procedural, technical and governance requirements for DPA and GDPR.

Data Compliant works with you to give you confidence that your systems, processes and people can meet current and future data protection requirements:

  • Assess your business against the current Data Protection legislation
  • Determine areas where change and improvement is needed
  • De-risk your business by embedding effective corporate data governance and accountability throughout
  • Train your staff to understand their individual responsibilities both to your business and your customers
  • Provide a DPO to ensure your business remains compliant and secure
  • Obtain certification if required (such as ISO, Cyber Essentials) to demonstrate compliance
  • Develop a time-line to assist you in meeting the requirements of GDPR 

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